FlexMOD Solutions /  Denver, Colorado: Modular Cultivation Solutions
URL: www.FlexMOD.com
Founded: 2014 - /  Employees: 9 - /  Company Stage: Growth -  / 

Investor Relations Contact
Dano Keys
Founder and CEO
[email protected]

Management Team
Dano Keys, CEO
Steve Smith, COO
Bruce Granger, Vice President of Business Development
Maureen Zwick, Vice President of Administration

FlexMOD Solutions is a Colorado-based company that serves the North American cannabis industry. The company designs, engineers, constructs and installs high-quality modular solutions, from single grow rooms to commercial-scale facilities, based on the customer’s unique needs.

Primary revenue driver: Increasing numbers of new and growing cannabis companies looking for large-scale production facilities, throughout North America.

Primary Competitors: 

No direct competitors.
FlexMOD’s closest competitors are traditional builders and container companies targeting the industry.
The company’s distinction is found in its industry-specific dedication and leading-edge business model. According to Granger,
“Conventional one-off construction typically takes two to three times longer to complete a facility. Containers are inflexible and the result is an inefficient use of space.”

Business Model: 
FlexMOD is leveraging over 25 years of combined cannabis industry experience, including consulting, dispensary ownership and large-scale cannabis production to design facilities that provide top-line solutions and speed-to-market. FlexMOD’s mission is to design and build state-of-the art facilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner. By doing so, the company empowers its customers to create optimal products and scale up to meet increasing demand in the industry.

Sales/marketing Strategy: 
The company’s marketing strategy is to appeal to and educate startups, while also helping existing companies to grow. A solutions provider in a fast-moving company, FlexMOD aims to provide customer-friendly solutions that will deliver ongoing results for companies that have great potential to grow quickly.

Primary Customers: 
Primary customers include new and expanding companies, including growers and producers of edibles as well as retail facilities and vault rooms. The company is also equipped to accommodate blast-resistant buildings for doing extractions.

Target market: 
Any licensed North American cannabis organization, spanning market verticals.

Customer Problem: 
FlexMOD recognizes that cannabis companies struggle to secure financing as many banks will not work within the industry; further, many participants are not prepared to scale-up and address commercial growth challenges.